Glenn Close i The Wife


Watch films, series, short films and documentaries online

How to:
Go to
Click on "Lån film fra biblioteket" and see the wide range

Who can borrow?
• Citiziens in Roskilde Municipality
• You must be registered as a user at Roskilde Libraries
• You use your library card number/cpr. number and your four digit library pin-code
• You get 8 points every month. You use between 1 to 4 points to watch a movie on Filmstriben

The majority of films are available for 48 hours.
You can watch the films in Google Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox.

Download the app Filmstriben 

You can also enjoy on your tablet or smartphone. Download the app Filmstriben for iPad/iPhone. If you have an Android with updated systems you can watch directly in Chrome

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Please note!

Roskilde Libraries pay pr. downloaded or streamed film. That means it can be quite tricky to keep within our budget and we might run out of money at the end of the month, which means you can’t get access.  However, we start afresh every month so do try again if you are unlucky!