Online magazines

Get access to hundreds of online magazines in English.

RB Digital (formerly Zinio) gives you access to a large number of online magazines in English. Here you will find both popular and more hardcore titles, fx National Geographic, Cosmopolitan and Country Living to The Economist and Popular Science.

• The library access covers almost 400 of the most popular magazines
• The newest edition of a magazine is published online at RB Digital at the same time as the printed  
• There is no limit to the number of titles you can stream 
• Your downloaded magazines will not expire 

Remote access:

You can access RB Digital from any computer, if:
• You live in Roskilde Municipality
• You are registered as a user at Roskilde Libraries

How to:

• Go to and click on ”Adgang til RB Digital” at the bottom of the page
• Key in your library card number/cpr. number and your library four digit pin-code
• You will then go to RB Digitals website, where you have to create a profile

Read on your phone or tablet

• Download RB Digital in your App Store/Google Play
• Log in with the profile you created at RB Digitals website
• Choose Danskernes Digital Bibliotek - Magazines

Now you have unlimited access and can read your your borrowed magazines both in the app and on RB Digitals website