The libraries are closed

All libraries, archives and citizen services are closed due to COVID-19.

All indoor institutions of culture, libraries and recreational activities are closing to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

As a result all libraries, archives, creative house for children and citizen service will closed until the of February. That includes the mobile library.

We are taking this situation very seriously and keeping a close eye on the development. We will update this article regularly.  

Contact a librarian

You can call us between 10 – 15, Monday – Friday and we will you find what you need from our online services and databases. 
•    Phone 46 31 50 73
•    Write to a librarian at
•    Write to a children's librarian at

Do you need to return materials?

In spite of the reminders to return your due materials, we cannot accept returned materials at the moment. Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are not allowed to be that many people at the library. All fines are cancelled until we open up for returned materials again.   

If you have materials already due, we will pause that fine as well until we open again.

When we open 8th of February you have seven days to return the material, then the period of grace is over and the fines start again.

What about my reservations?

You reserve your book here on

You can collect your reservations on Roskilde Library Monday 9-17, Tuesday and Wednesday 9-15, Thursday 9-17 and Friday 9-15.

Jyllinge Library, Viby Library, Ågerup Library, Gadstrup Library og Gundsømagle Library are open for pick up and check out Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10-16.

Reservations for the mobile library will be at Roskilde Library.

You can read more about the librarys take-away in this article.

Emergency calls on Citizen Service

Citizen Service is open for emergency inquiries Monday between 10-15 and Thursday 10-17.
You will need to book a time though at phone 46 31 30 24.
The entrance across Folkeparken will be open.

Look here for more general information on COVID-19