So sorry about the language!

​​​​​​​By Susan Jessen Spiele, librarian at Roskilde Libraries.

Danish is officially one of the hardest languages in the World. Fortunately, you can still enjoy some good Danish authors in English. Fiction is a great way to get closer to the Danes and their weird ways and culture. It makes sharing cultures easier and more fun - and it works amazingly as conversation starters. If you are Danish it might be a different experience reading a Danish novel in English. Either way, enjoy.

Helle Helle: This Should Be Written in the Present Tense

Dorte is twenty and adrift, pretending to study literature but she is riding the trains and clocking up random encounters. She remembers her ex, Per, and sleeps with her neighbour's boyfriend as she tries to live as an adult.
Minimalistic and taut, very quiet so as a reader you need to listen carefully.

Naja Maria Aidt: Rock, Paper, Scissors

After the death of Thomas and Jenny's criminal father, Thomas discovers a secret, setting into motion a series of events leading to the dissolution of his life, and plunging him into a dark, shadowy underworld of violence and betrayal. Gripping, dramatic and passionate story about grief.

Carsten Jensen: We, the Drowned

A novel of the sea that starts in a small Danish town in 1848 and spans 97 years and much of the globe, from Newfoundland to Samoa. Three different men tell the story not only of the small port town Marstal, but the seven seas, two World wars and what war and longing mean. An epic tale of adventure, ruthlessness and passion