Books in Ukrainian

Ukrainian refugees can borrow books in their native language.

Roskilde Libraries are working with the Ukrainian Club in Roskilde to bring books to the refugees coming to Roskilde. It was a bit of a challenge, since there were no printed books in Ukrainian in the Danish library system. 

Gala Kozlenko, the chairperson of the Ukrainian Club has graciously donated her large private collection of Ukrainian books for both children and adults to the library, so that refugees can read in their native language. However, putting the books in the library system, when neither the system nor the staff know the Cyrillic alphabet, was another matter entirely!

Anything is possible when a community work together. Roskilde Libraries have other offers for the Ukrainians in Roskilde, you can see more here:

It is also possible to find a selection of books in ukrainian online via the service eReolen Global. You can find a guide here: eReolen Global