Biblioteket i tal

Facts about the library

In addition to serving as a public library, we are one of Denmark's six regional libraries.

With us, you will also find both the Roskilde Archives, the Citizens Service and the Creative House for Children (Kreativt hus for børn).

Roskilde Libraries and Citizens Service is a department under Urban, Culture and Environment in Roskilde Municipality.

We have more than 600,000 visits a year to our libraries and it is still growing.

We hold over 450 events, exhibitions and IT introductions annually.

The IT tutors are booked annually for more than 150 sessions in ‘Netværkstedet’ (‘the networkshop’, our space for computer work and support).

The Citizens Service serves approx. 40,000 citizens a year.

We have more than 455,000 physical materials. Some of them are in our book storages; where we will find them for you if needed.

Our collection also contains over 155,000 ebooks and audiobooks.

We have almost 700,000 loans of physical materials annually. To this should be added our lending of ebooks, audiobooks, movie streaming and other digital services.

Roskilde Local History Archive had 179,418 searches on their digital imaging platform Fototeket in 2018.

The library bus runs over 7500 kilometres a year.

Roskilde Libraries are the regional library for the Region of Zealand and Bornholm's Regional Municipality.

The library is operated in accordance with the Library Act and the Notice on Library Activities

Library and Citizens Service Director
Christian Lauersen // mobile: 24 84 18 44