Online concerts

Watch music films, documentaries and concerts with Qello Concerts.

Here you will find some of the greatest artists from Rock, Heavy Metal and Hip Hop to Jazz, Soul and Blues to Classical, Opera and Gospel.

Qello Concerts is particularly interesting if you:

… like popular well establish music from a certain genre
… wish to dive into a band or artist’s work 
… want to learn to dance like they did in the roaring twenties

How to: 

Go to Quello Concerts and click ”Create new account”
Create new account with your email and password
That will give you unlimited access for a week

If you wish access for another week, you need to renew your account through this link again. You can reuse your mail and password. If you have any problems please ask for a new password and if that fails, contact your librarian.

Access for phone or tablet

Download Qello app in App Store/Google Play
Log in with your e-mail and password

Tips and tricks:

Qello has a spotlight section, where you can find changing focus on different musical phenomena.  
Qello supports Chromecast, Apple Tv and more. 
You can browse Stingray Qello via genre and decade.