Online magazines and books

Get access to hundreds of online magazines and books in English.

eReolen Global gives you access to magazines, e-books and audio books in English - for both children and adults.
eReolen Global is similar to eReolen, but is an independent website with an associated app, so you can read offline on your mobile. eReolen Global contains titles for both children, young people and adults - from Young Adult to good novels, including crime novels, fantasy, horror, Science Fiction and lots of exciting non-fiction.

For children, the content is primarily aimed at the 10-13 age group, but there are also books for the youngest. For the older children and young people, there are plenty of Young Adult series.

The accompanying app is called "Libby". The app is available in the App Store, Windows Store and Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app, select Roskilde Libraries and log in with your library's login.

You can borrow two books at the same time and the loan period is 21 days. It is possible to hand in the books early and then borrow a new one. If you find that a book has been borrowed, you can reserve it. You can have two reservations at a time. Magazines, on the other hand, are freely accessible and you can read as many as you like.

How to:

• Go to eReolen Global 
• Key in your library card number/cpr. number and your library four digit pin-code