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Online newspapers

PressReader give free access to more than 5000 newspapers and magazines.

They are from more than a 100 different countries and in more than 60 languages.

Remote access:

You can access PressReader from any computer if:
• You live in Roskilde Municipality
• You are registered as a user at Roskilde Libraries

PressReader app

The app is available for Android, iOS (iPhone og iPad) og Windows.
You can download papers and magazines to read later.

How to: 

Go to PressReader and click “sign in”, using your library card number/cpr. number and library pin-code
Now you have 24 hours free access which you can renew as often as you like, through the library’s access
Create your own personal account; click “Sign in”-“New user”-“Sign up now”

Get the PressReader app and log in

Now you can read and download newspapers and magazines
The most popular titles will be on top. Choose country, language, category or type
You can authorize up to five units per account
You can download five papers/magazines per 24 hours