Billede af bibliotekar

Who we are

For more than 100 years, Roskilde Libraries has been staffed by curious souls with a passion for people, literature and cultural experiences of high quality.

The main library is located in the heart of Roskilde city, and in the surrounding areas of the municipality, we have five local branches located. All cozy and inspiring spaces that light up every day from 7am until 10pm.
You can meet our mobile library at 15 different stops throughout the municipality.
In addition to serving as the local public library, we are one of Denmark's six regional libraries. Our organisation also span the Roskilde Archives, Citizens Service (Borgerservice) and a Creative House for Children (Kreativt hus for børn).
Our purpose has always been to make information and cultural activity accessible to everyone. That is why we offer daily experiences, courses, author events, concerts and socially relevant lectures - always with food for new thoughts or a new perspective on life. And always in an inclusive and unpretentious atmosphere, focusing on communities and new relationships.
You can ask us about everything - and our many offerings can be a solid point of reference during exam time, when your family grows or when you retire. Student counselling, maternity cafes, IT help, reading, listening and knitting clubs and a host of other opportunities.
Ask if you want to know more.